When Customers Want Your Local Products or Services … they Search For Them On Google!

BlueWing Solutions are based on the free Google My Business App, which brings new customers to your front door, helps you turn them into loyal customers, and grows your business. We’ll even manage the whole process for you, leaving you with time to concentrate on running your own business.This is much more cost effective than hiring an additional person to do your Marketing or using a traditional Advertising Agency.

7 Amazing Benefits of using the BlueWing System

  • Virtual Office in the Cloud: Your business information, photo’s, and even a stunning 360 degree Google Virtual Tour, create an “Office in the Cloud” that every customer can explore before they make the decision to visit to your premises

  • Search + Social Marketing Combined: New customers can find you with a Google Search and then interact with you on Google My Business using messaging, reviews and Q&A. 

  • Home Page: Google is now the new Home Page for local businesses. A single search could lead a customer to all the information that they could ever want to know about your business

  • Mobile Phones: With their Mobile Phones, new customers can easily navigate directly to your business premisses from their own locations

  • Local Search outweighs Google Ranking: Attracting new customers does not only depend on optimizing your Google Ranking; the promotion of your location and your products or services to new customers, can be even more important when looking for local businesses

  • Loyal Customers: Retaining customers is easy – many interactive Social features enable you to get to know and understand your customers, which keeps them coming back – and grows your business.

  • Data based Marketing: Our marketing decisions are based on factual Google data from your own Business. We provide our monthly clients with regular Marketing Reports so that we can examine our progress and make decisions for the future.

Our Solutions are based on the free Google App known as Google My Business, shown in the video on the right. The Mobile App is available from Apple and Android Stores. Remember – you don’t pay for the Apps – you only pay for our time and expertise in getting your business to grow.

 We put YOUR business in the eyes of potential customers, interact with these customers, and then continue to grow your business.

We make your business fly!

Client Testimonials

Stewart Elrick

"I would just like to thank you for what ... has literally changed my business. Since you ‘put us on the map’ with your Google my Business, the phone does not stop ringing."

Allison Powell

"Thank you ... ... I have just had 2 clients in – new clients – who found me on Google, so I must Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!!!!! I’ll certainly recommend your services to my friends and clients!"

Peter Carlisle

"... within the first month of utilizing your services secured our first client who approached us from finding our site on Google. ... ... Thanks, ....... and please don't stop putting us on the first page of a Google search"

Babur Yakar

"Since Peter has connected me to Google, more customers are finding me. A must have for small business owners. Thank you."

Jutta Dudley

"Peter has helped put my business on the map. He has taught me many new aspects of Google"

Attract New Customers – with Great Visuals and Content

We attract customers to your business by making you visible across the internet on Google Search and Google Maps with

  • stunning 3600 Google Virtual Tours of your premises
  • beautiful high definition Photographs
  • videos clearly explaining your products or services
  • with all your business information
  • and exposure on Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops and Computers

The Google Virtual Tour here shows the inside Picture Framing Fourways, in Pine Slopes, Fourways. You too can have such a virtual Tour of your premises.

We are Google Trusted Street View Photographers with a Google Approved Virtual Reality Ready Camera


Build relationships with them

  • Post information at least once/week 
  • Respond to reviews from customers – at least every day
  • Update photographs on a regular basis
  • Place videos on your Google Profile


We run your Marketing for you … You concentrate on running your business!

What we do for you:

  • Link your Google My Business Profile to local directories
  • Network your Google Profile with Social Media sites
  • Ensure that your business Name and contact details are consistent across the internet
  • Make rational decisions based on data rather than emotion
  • Discuss future strategies with you 
  • Provide regular marketing progress reports 


Attract More Customers and Grow Your Business
with Solutions Designed for YOU

BlueWing has a range of Solutions and Prices available for local businesses. Each Solution is carefully designed by a Google Approved Team Member, to meet YOUR specific needs and your pocket. We can either just set up a basic Solution for you, or we can provide a complete Google Search and Social Media Solution that we manage for you.

This means that you can comfortably focus on running your businesses, knowing that your Marketing is in the expert hands of the BlueWing Local Marketing Team

Contact us for a Quote – now!