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Specialists in Helping Small Businesses become Successful!

Small Businesses

The BlueWing definition of a small business is a simple one – it is a business that it is privately owned and has up to about 20 employees. We don’t ignore “medium” sized businesses, but our core focus is on the local neighbourhood store around the corner from where you live.

We have designed our products and systems specifically to help these “small businesses” become successful.

Mobile and Local Search Marketing

“The Future of Marketing is Mobile” – Google

Mobile Phone Marketing is designed around your target audience’s viewing behaviors, and not the other way around. This is why it works so successfully!

“Mobile marketing is the art of making your business to appeal to mobile device users. Putting your business right where your customers are – on the go – is what mobile marketing is all about. Any marketing plan today that ignores mobile marketing, is a failed plan” – Jamil Velji.

Mobile Marketing also connects the dots between your online and offline marketing: once a viewer has found your business online, its location information enables you to use your phone to navigate directly to your business doors. South African and Global Stats show how powerful this form of marketing is when promoting local products and services to potential customers.

of South Africans own a Mobile Phone StatsCounter
of consumers who search for a local business on a Mobile, contact or visit that business within a day The Media Online
of consumers actually purchase within 1 day of conducting Mobile research! Think With Google


BlueWing places a Virtual Showroom of your products or services onto your customers’ mobile phones. Our Business Finder Products are Google Certified and we instantly obtain approval for your local business to appear on Google Search, Google Maps and Google My Business. BlueWing increases your business foot traffic because after finding your business on their phones, they simply use them to navigate directly to your front door.

Have you spent a great deal of time and money on setting up your premises, building a website or preparing the ultimate Facebook page? This is all well and good – but did you put your business on Google Maps so that potential customers can easily find you online, and then navigate directly to your front door? This should be your first priority, because if your customers can’t find you, then neither will their business be able to find you.

The beauty of the BlueWing SSG System is that it brings together everything else you have done online so that they act in synergy to bring customers to your neighbourhood business.. Not only do we use Google Apps to spread your products and services across the internet, but we link your website, Facebook Page and stunning 360 degree Google Virtual Tours together, to form an unbeatable system for local businesses such as yours.

Finding Your Business is Now as Easy as “Search, Select, Go”


Potential customers searching Google Maps or Google Search on their Mobile Phones will easily find your category of your local business, which usually lies within 10 km – 15 km from the customer’s location.


The same customer will look at a number of businesses in your category. With the BlueWing SSG system, your business profile will stand out above the rest and be the obvious choice for them to visit.


The customers can them simply to switch to their Mobile navigation systems go directly to the front entrance of your business. On arrival, they can then examine your products or services more closely.

Click on the image to go to Google Maps and the Information Profile for CTF Services, a BlueWing Client. Explore the Profile to see an example of the information, images, and Virtual Tour that you can have on your own Profile. This has all been especially designed for viewing on your new customer’s Mobile Phone, so that they can view it while on the go.

BlueWing’s Solutions Save You Time and Money

We use free Google Apps to send your business information to each and every Mobile Phone user in your neighbourhood. We put your product or service in the eyes of a potential customers, when they have actually taken action to search for your type of product. With all these Apps and sites working together to drive online and real traffic to your location, you have a powerful system working for you!



The complete Google Profile to assist customers to find your Business


Assistance with obtaining Google Approval, Google Virtual Tour for your Google Profile and other sites, uploading of your business information and images, 1 hour Google My Business Training, and a check for errors on your approved Profile.



For enhanced attraction of customers to your business


The same as for iAttract plus listing of your business on 4 free local online directories; ensuring synergy with your website site and Facebook Page; 1 Hour training on how to manage Google My Business. All of these increase your Google Search Engine Ranking.


iAttract TAKE-OFF

We improve the online visibility of your business for you

R495/month, no contract

Don’t have the time to manage your own Profile? We’ll do this for you and increase your Google Search Engine Ranking.

Additional Products and Services


We provide Google Mini, Template and WordPress websites. Prices start at R 400 for setting up a Google mini website, R4,000 for a single page WordPress website, and R8,000 for a 2 – 5 page WordPress website

Virtual Tours

Private Virtual Tours with hyperlinks from R2,000 for 4 images and R3,000 for 5 to 7 images; Google Tours – only available with a Google My Business Profile and come standard with 4 images.

Social Media

We set-up Social Media pages e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and integrate them into our system – from R995 per page. We can also do daily or weekly posts for you – please ask us for a quotation.

Local SEO

We manage your My Business Profile to save you the work and increase your search engine ranking – from R495 / month for 2 x 1 hour, and R695 / month for 4 x 1 hour per month. No contract needed, pay up front each month.

… within the first month of utilizing your services secured our first client who approached us from finding our site on Google. … … Thanks, ……. and please dont stop putting us on the first page of a Google search.

…… I have just had 2 clients in  – new  – who found me on Google, so

The key components of the BlueWing SSG System

A great demonstration from Google and Colin Furze showing how useful Google Search can be!

Everything Starts With A Search

…. especially for people between 20 and 40 years old

“Young people don’t go online, they live online. Some 90% of 16 to 34 year-old’s go online daily. What do they do? Catch up on social networks. Research and shop online. Watch videos. They live everyday lives with their offline and online worlds intertwined.” Google

Google My Business is the key App for Spreading Your Information Across the Internet

BlueWing Specialized Photography 

Our different types of High Definition Images can be placed on  Mobile Phones, Google My Business, Google Maps, Google+, Facebook and/or other Social Media

Google Street View Tours

A stunning way of enabling your customers to explore your business

A Virtual Tour of Hells Kitchen, Melville. This is what we prepare to show off your business online

3600 Single Panoramic Images

An amazing view around Fourways and Pine Slopes taken from the top of the Play at Height Sky Bar and Bungee Jump – a beautiful way of showing off your premises to your customers

180 – 3600 Flat Panoramic Images

Let customers sit back and watch your business play out in front of them

Plush Global Media Partner in Johannesburg

Google Trusted Street View Photographer

Google Street View VR ready Camera

Google Trusted VR ready Camera

Google Local Guide

Google Local Guide

Plush Global Media Partner

Partners with Plush Media, a
Google Trusted Agency