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We spread your business across the internet, so customers can easily FIND it by searching with Google


Our products are affordable to local businesses because we only use FREE search and social media

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The Top Challenge for Local Businesses is to…
Attract New Customers

A recent study of small and local businesses owners in South Africa found that the top issue challenging the viability of small businesses was attracting customers. This was followed by maintaining their profitability and increasing their revenue (Business Tech).

found that attracting customers was a problem
found that maintaining profitability was an issue
found that increasing revenue was a key issue for them

BlueWing’s approach to solving this for you is both
Effective and Affordable


We set up your selected BlueWing Solution for you. Then we position your business within a network of online search and social media sites, such as Google Maps, Google Search, Facebook, LinkedIn and/or your own chosen local directories … plus a few of our own! This spreads your business information across the internet and makes it easy for new customers to find you. We create your Solution so that all a new customer needs to know when they need your product or service, is your location and the product or service that they want – they don’t even have to know your business name to search for you!


We only use free Apps such as Google My Business, and free websites, such as Google Search and Google Maps, to promote your business online. We also use Local Search Engine Optimization that does not cost you anything. This means that you pay only for our time and expertise to ensure that your business becomes well known in your neighbourhood!

To make our Solutions affordable for you we use the free
Google My Business 


Please note that our prices may vary depending on your specific requirements.



BlueWing Optimum

  • The Optimum Search Package, including Google My Business, for attracting new customers to your business

Digital Marketing Assistant

from R1,500per month
  • We undertake your marketing for you – while you attend to your own business. This saves you both time and money!

Additional Products
for Local Businesses

3600 Google Virtual Tours

Your own private 3600 Virtual Tours

Websites for Local Businesses

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... within the first month of utilizing your services secured our first client who approached us from finding our site on Google. ... ... Thanks, ....... and please don't stop putting us on the first page of a Google search.

Thank you ... ... I have just had 2 clients in – new clients – who found me on Google, so I must Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!!!!! I’ll certainly recommend your services to my friends and clients!

I would just like to thank you for what ... has literally changed my business. Since you ‘put us on the map’ with your Google my Business, the phone does not stop ringing. ... I simply cannot put a price on the value you’ve added.

Since Peter has connected me to Google, more customers are finding me. A must have for small business owners. Thank you.

Are you on Google?

Give us the exact name of your business and its physical address, together with your area code, and we'll send you a short analysis of how your business needs to become visible and easily found on Google Search and Google Maps.

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Mobile Phones
Vital Components of our System

"Mobile Marketing is the art of making your business to appeal to mobile device users. Putting your business right where your customers are, on the go, is what mobile marketing is all about. Any marketing plan today that ignores mobile marketing, is a failed plan" Jamil Velji.

"Mobile is not the future, it is the now. Meet your customers in the environment of their choice, not where it's convenient for you" Cyndie Shaffstall

We put YOUR Business on EVERY Mobile Phone in YOUR Area

Mobile Phone Marketing is unique - it connects the dots between online and offline marketing. Once viewers find your virtual business on their Mobile Phones, they can navigate directly to your business. On arriving inside your store many customers have already decided what to buy from you.

of South Africans own a smartphone Qwerty Digital
of South African access the internet with a mobile device StatsCounter
of consumers who search for a type of local business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours Nectafy
of purchase-related conversions occur within 1 hour of initial Mobile SearchGoogle
of consumers purchase within 1 day of conducting Mobile research! Think With Google

Google 3600 Virtual Tours
Ultimate Online Visibility

We have a variety of ways of making our client's Businesses highly visible online - see here. One of the most effective ways (and our favourite) is the 360o Google Virtual Tour for Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Search, Google+ and your own website.

We provide a full 360o Virtual Reality experience of your store. This means that your customers can virtually walk into your shop or premises and view your products or services, before they even get there. This is an amazing advantage over businesses that have no virtual experiences to offer new clients. Hell's Kitchen in Melville is a good example a BlueWing Virtual Tour. If you have 3D glasses, such as Occulus, use them - you'll never look at a Google Map without them again.

A BlueWing 360o Google Virtual Tour taken for Hell's Kitchen, Melville, Johannesburg. The camera used was a NCTech iStar Fusion VR Ready, Google Approved camera.