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Peter is an Entomologist by training and so he decided to name his business BlueWing, after the endangered Brenton Blue Butterfly. Note: This image is not that of the Brenton Butterfly.

Peter Thompson

Dr Peter Thompson is the owner and founder of BlueWing Local Marketing, which he started in 2008.  He is highly qualified academically, having obtained his Doctor of  Philosophy in Science in 1979. He joined the corporate world and held various senior marketing positions for over 24 years. In 2008 he happily left this rather uninspiring environment to pursue his interests in running his own online Marketing business. Peter is keenly interested in the latest developments in virtual reality and digital technology, and, wherever possible, applies these to his BlueWing business. His passion is to apply new technologies to help local businesses promote themselves effectively yet more affordably than ever before.

Peter is a devoted family man, and he has been happily married to Wendy for just under 40 years. He has two children Robyn and Andrew. Robin is married to Warwic and they have two daughters. His music interests lean towards the present rather than the past and he has been playing his guitar (now mainly to his grandchildren) most of his life! He is passionate about wildlife, and enjoys swimming to keep fit. Peter has travelled extensively throughout Africa, having visited around 15 different countries. His two favourite countries are Madagascar and Ethiopia, because they are so different from many other countries that he has visited.

Just Wild Touring

From 2008 until 22012 Peter was deeply involved in his own company Just Wild Touring – involving the online promotion of Johannesburg and the Kruger Park as global tourist destinations. During this time he shot and created Virtual Tours of every camp and every picnic spot in the Park, and many Tours of tourist attractions and different Hotels and Guest Houses in the Greater Johannesburg area.

BlueWing Local Marketing

Standard Virtual Tours

In 2013 Peter started BlueWing, whose primary focus was in taking Virtual Tours for larger companies, for promotional purposes, and amongst his clients were South African Breweries World of Beer Museum, Montecasino Entertainment Complex and the Hotels, and and the Gautrain Stations.

Google Street View Tours

However, with the advent of Google Street View Virtual Tours on Google Maps, and the refining of Google My Business, he realized that there was a wonderful opportunity to promote local businesses. The Apps were free and so all he needed was to charge his local neighbourhood shops was for his and his Team’s expertise in setting up the system, and the creation of the company’s stunning Virtual Tours.

It was at this time that he became aware of how important it was to become a part of the broader Google family by becoming a Google Street View Photographer with a Google Approved Street View Inside Camera. We went for the best in the market, the Virtual Reality Ready NCTech iStar Fusion which produces superb HDR 360 degree panoramic images.

At the same time we partnered with a Google Trusted Agency, Plush Global Media in Spain, which is one of the companies that has produced has produced the largest number of Google Street View Inside Tours for Google. And so we were all set to go to provide a highly effective yet affordable way for our local businesses to be promoted.

Mobile Phone Technology

One more development brought us even closer to our friends in the neighbourhood. As the stats on this site show, Mobile Phones became ubiquitous – even in SOuth Africa – and we tailored all our offerings for Mobile Phone use. This means that any potential customer could now look for any category of product or service from any location at any time. This was a major breakthrough for marketers around the world.

And so, BlueWing had finally evolved to its present form – a technologically advanced company designed to make the marketing of small businesses simpler, more effective and affordable for even the smallest business owner.

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